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Why do PPC?

Pay Per Click Advertising is almost as simple as it sounds; you only pay when a customer clicks on your advertisement, which puts you in complete control of how much you spend. This service provides a wealth of opportunity for capturing new customers as they spend time online, and with the right ad at the right time, could have a real influence on your business growth. Another main advantage of using PPC is that the process is instantaneous: as soon as your account is active, you will be reaching new customers and benefitting from the results.

Businesses make on average £2.30 in revenue for every £1.20 they spend on AdWords

Reaching your Potential

As easy as that sounds, PPC can also be very complex and costly without the right knowledge and level of experience. Whether you’re a small start-up company with ambitious growth plans or a large, established business ready to extend your audience further, by entrusting a PPC service like ours, you are minimising the risks and can trust that your campaign is reaching its full potential.

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Can't speak highly enough of talk digital, my business is making weddings and celebrations cakes, which is my passion. There are hundreds of really good cake businesses out there but Darren and his team have made cabin cake company stand out. He also introduced me to Hollie, who takes care of my social media, which has freed me up to go as on what I really love . My business is now thriving. Thank talk digital, you are worth every penny.

Julie Martin

Cabin Cake Company

Great service and advice! These guys talk, walk, eat & sleep SEO!

Diason Paye

Too Damn Glam

Developed an amazing custom built website and always a great help with pushing our ideas and brand further.

Gary Wilson

Mayan Audio

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