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Why Do SEO?

It is important to understand the benefits that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) offers your business. SEO is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects when thinking about promoting your website online. Imagine someone searches for your type of product or service using Google, Bing or Yahoo, and your business appears at the top of the organic search listings. What a result that would be!

Breaking down the Barriers

Our Essex & London based services have already helped many businesses do just that. We break down the barriers that hold your website back from reaching the top of the search results, which aids in gaining quality traffic, attracting new customers and increasing your revenue from search engines.

Our Happy Clients ♥

Can't speak highly enough of talk digital, my business is making weddings and celebrations cakes, which is my passion. There are hundreds of really good cake businesses out there but Darren and his team have made cabin cake company stand out. He also introduced me to Hollie, who takes care of my social media, which has freed me up to go as on what I really love . My business is now thriving. Thank talk digital, you are worth every penny.

Julie Martin

Cabin Cake Company

Great service and advice! These guys talk, walk, eat & sleep SEO!

Diason Paye

Too Damn Glam

Developed an amazing custom built website and always a great help with pushing our ideas and brand further.

Gary Wilson

Mayan Audio

Why us?

Here at Talk, we have SEO experts on hand partnered with years of experience, and we know exactly what it takes to optimise your website awareness. We explain everything in detail at the initial consultation: exploring your options according to your budget, current position within the search engines and even the design of your website.


SEO Building Blocks

We guarantee that our consultants are some of the best in the business and hold a wealth of experience within their field. We’ve cherry-picked members of our team for their industry knowledge and clear passion for providing fantastic SEO services to clients of all sizes and budgets.


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