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Why Do Social Media?

The idea of social media was never set up with corporate gain in mind, yet amazingly it is now considered the most valuable marketing tool of our generation, with social media agencies all over the world capitalising on this. With modern society being so focused on different social media platforms, there really is no better way to grow your customer awareness and interaction.
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Why Us?

Based in Essex & London, we offer affordable social media services for companies seeking to transform their online presence by developing and executing a clear marketing strategy. We work with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc to create a regular stream of content tailored to your business and all your USP’s. Providing social media management for an account that’s going to get you noticed requires time, energy and a hefty dose of innovative thinking, which is why we set up our services to relieve you of that stress, allowing you to fully concentrate on your business.
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Account Design & Set up

Social media accounts and their level of success are heavily reliant on the account design and set up. Without visually appealing cover photos to grab your audience, and a precise, revised ‘About’ section, you can lose custom before you've even started.

Content Development

We have on hand content writers who can produce articles based solely on your business and products, and/or on surrounding topics that will still boost customer engagement, and grow your following. By pre-scheduling your posts, we are also giving you the opportunity to review and amend the content before it goes live.

Real-time Customer Interaction

With around-the-clock access to your clients, the most important thing is to maintain communication; whether it be direct messages sent regarding your business, all the way to comments on a photo. Your customers should never go unanswered, and that’s where we come in!

On-Going Support

Throughout your social media campaign, we will provide you with any information or support you may need, including monthly statistics reports and so on. Your business becomes as important to us as it is to you.

Social Engagement Metrics

Google and other search engines are now taking into consideration Social Engagement Metrics to determine a website’s position in search results. Unlike other social media companies, we have a unique sharing tool that can automatically share any content to over 30+ social media networks within minutes. This will help increase content and customer awareness and as a result, will increase your social engagement metrics. What a combo.